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Programs Available at Kidz Kabana

Kidz Kabana recognizes that the first two years of a child’s life lay the groundwork for future development. It is a critical time for brain and language development. From birth, babies are active learners and immediately curious about their world. With that in mind, Kidz Kabana provides a safe environment full of possibilities in dramatic play, sensory/art, curiosities, construction, literacy, music, and movement. Young babies will spend their day enjoying plenty of one-on-one time in a rich, caring environment. Also, parents and teachers will establish a personal care plan for each child to ensure the expectations and routines of the child and family are met.

  • Infant
    • Ages: 6 weeks – 12 months
  • Toddler
    • Ages: 12-months – 24 months
  • Preschool
    • Ages: 3 – 5 years

Flex Care and Hourly Drop-In

Children playing on playground

Flex care is a program available for families who need unlimited vacation time, different number of days each week, and/or different days each week. The program works well with parents working rotating schedules. Parents can sign up for days needed, and Kidz Kabana will provide care based on availability. Preschool children two and up will participate in the hourly playroom or the preschool classroom, dependent on space and availability. Space is always guaranteed for our flex care children who are two and up. Infants and toddler space may be declined due to limited space, but Kidz Kabana does work hard to support flex care schedules for this age group.

What is Hourly Drop-In? Kidz Kabana offers a safe, convenient environment where you can drop your child off at any time for an affordable rate. No fees or strings attached! Just fill out an enrollment form and drop off any time!

Parents can use our Drop-In services for:

  • In the case of an unexpected event
  • When other Childcare providers are closed
  • When they want a day or night out alone
  • When they have an appointment or need to run errands
  • When schools and daycares are closed
  • For part-time care

Rates are as follows:

  • Ages 2-12 years old
    • Hourly: $5 per child, Meals: $3 per child
  • Ages 6 weeks to 23 months
    • Reservations Required… Hourly: $9 per child, Day Rate: $48 per child (7 – 10 hours + a meal)

A reservation is required for all children under two. For children two and up, we accept reservations, but they are not required. You simply choose the times that are convenient for you and pay for only the hours you need. There are no weekly fees or restricted hours like regular daycares or mother’s day out programs.

School Aged Program

Kids with Backpacks

The school-age program increases student academic achievement, positive social/emotional development, regular and consistent school attendance, student engagement, positive work/study habits, and stronger links between students, families, and schools.

Characteristics of high-quality programs feature

  • Positive relationships between students and staff
  • Positive relationships between students
  • A mix of academic and non-academic skill-building activities
  • High levels of student engagement
  • Appropriate levels of structure

Our Program is Flexible and Supports Families in the Following Ways

Full days, early release days, and snow days are included in our tuition and don’t cost additional. Full time, part-time, and drop-in before and after school care.

Snacks and Meals

Boy Eating

Meals and snacks at Kidz Kabana are always fresh, whole foods, never processed and always made in-house. Our menus meet the current US Department of Agriculture (USDA) meal pattern requirements and Missouri State Licensing requirements and exceed these guidelines in the following ways:

  • More whole grains
  • More fruits and vegetables
  • Less processed foods
  • Lower fat milk
  • Fewer sweets
  • More variety of foods

Meals and snacks are all served family style so children are more involved in portion sizes and preferences. Kidz Kabana serves breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

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